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When it comes to good health, prevention is the best medicine. Men and women in Boerne, Texas and the surrounding areas turn to the medical experts at Validus Health and Wellness Center for a variety of preventive options including lab tests. Lab testing can provide insight to your overall health, predisposition for disease, and any other hereditary factors that could play a role in future health conditions. Knowing these variables, you’ll be a step ahead so you can take preventive measures. Call or schedule an appointment online to find out more about lab testing at Validus Health and Wellness Center.

Lab Tests Q & A

What are typical lab tests?

As part of a routine physical, the doctor often orders some common lab tests to check your blood. These tests often include a basic blood chemistry test that checks blood sugar, electrolytes, and indicators of kidney function. A complete blood count (CBC) assesses your red and white blood cells and platelets, and checks for anemia. A cholesterol panel or other blood work may be ordered, if needed.

The doctors at Validus Health and Wellness Center may request additional lab tests that are used for different types of genetic testing.
What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing is a type of medical lab testing that identifies changes in genes, chromosomes, or proteins that may indicate genetic disorders. A test can confirm a genetic condition, rule one out, or help determine your chances of developing a health condition or illness. Different types of genetic testing include:

  • Diagnostic: identifies or rule out a condition
  • Carrier: identifies if specific genes are present that may cause a disorder
  • Prenatal: detects changes in genes or chromosomes before birth
  • Newborn screening: identifies any genetic disorders in a baby that need to be treated as early as possible
  • Predictive and presymptomatic: identifies genes that can increase the risk of developing a disorder, especially for men and women with family members who have the same disorder
  • Forensic: uses DNA for legal situations to confirm or rule out a suspect, or to determine biological relationships, such as paternity

What are the benefits of genetic lab testing?

The benefits of genetic testing are numerous. The lab tests can provide crucial information about your potential risk for cancer and other diseases, and whether you could pass the risk on to your children. They can also help you feel relieved when the tests rule out any potential risks or genetic disorders. If your specific tests do come back positive for a certain illness or disease, you can take the earliest preventive steps with guidance from the medical experts at Validus Health and Wellness Center.

Who should have genetic testing?

Depending on your family history, your health history, and any potential risk factors, such as cancer risks, you might consider genetic lab tests if you can identify with any of the following criteria:

  • Several immediate family members have a certain disease or type of cancer (mother, father, siblings)
  • Several relatives on one side of the family who’ve had the same type of disease or cancer
  • A group of cancers in your family that can be linked to the same genetic mutation, such as breast, ovarian, pancreatic cancers
  • Close family members with rare hereditary forms of cancer or another disorder

If you’re concerned about your family history of disease or chronic conditions, consider genetic and hereditary lab testing at Validus Health and Wellness Center. Call or schedule an appointment online for more information on the variety of lab testing offered.