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The majority of American adults don’t get enough vitamins and minerals in their daily food intake. The medical professionals and nutrition experts at Validus Health and Wellness Center in Boerne, Texas offer IV therapy for better health and wellness. Because the key to preventing future illness is becoming healthier today, it is important for men and women to compensate for deficiencies so their bodies function more optimally. Call or schedule an appointment online to find out about the many benefits of IV therapy.

IV Therapy Q & A

What are the most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies?

Even if you’re eating a balanced diet, you can’t always get all of the vitamins and minerals you need just from the foods you eat. Although Americans consume an adequate amount of food, most don’t get enough of vitamins A, B12, D, C, and E as well as certain minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

In an effort to compensate for these deficiencies, men and women take pill forms of vitamins and minerals. However, IV therapy has been shown to be even more effective than oral supplements.

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is a fast way to restore nutritional deficiencies because vitamins, minerals, and other substances go directly into your bloodstream, rather than going through the digestive process. As a result, nutrients are absorbed better from IVs than via oral supplements.

This is a safe, powerful, innovative therapy that can boost your immune system and help combat a variety of illnesses, fatigue, and even stress. At Validus Health and Wellness Center, patients can get IV infusions for:

  • Overall health and wellness
  • Weight management
  • Anti-aging and collagen building
  • Immune system boost
  • Detox drip to remove toxins from your body
  • Energy boost
  • Increased libido

Is IV therapy safe?

When administered by the licensed medical professionals at Validus Health and Wellness Center, IV therapy is a safe way to get the nutrients your body is missing. IV therapy was developed more than 50 years ago and has been safely used to treat a variety of health conditions and vitamin deficiencies over the past several decades.

What results can I expect from IV therapy?

After a treatment, many patients feel a noticeable increase in their energy levels. Since optimum vitamin and mineral levels support the functions of your metabolism, cortisol levels, cellular health, mood, and sleep patterns, you may notice a level of improvement in all of these areas after your IV drip therapy session. IV therapy is also a great boost to your immune system, so it’s often helpful during flu season.

The healthcare professionals at Validus Health and Wellness Center invite you to call or make an appointment online so you can learn more about the benefits of IV therapy.

*Individual results may vary.