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Perhaps the best reason to visit a doctor is for a health and wellness exam, but many adults only visit their doctor when something is wrong. The medical professionals at Validus Health and Wellness Center in Boerne, Texas, want adults of all ages to take preventive measures toward better health. That’s why they offer health and wellness exams to men and women in Boerne and the surrounding areas. Call or schedule an appointment online today, so you can be proactive about your health.

Health and Wellness Exams Q & A

What can I expect at a health and wellness exam?

A routine physical exam is an essential part of a health and wellness doctor’s visit. If you’re generally healthy, a yearly physical is a good way to stay ahead of any changes or conditions before they have the chance to become chronic or more difficult to treat.

At your annual exam, you can expect one of the experienced medical team to check your weight and calculate your body mass index, or BMI. A doctor or nurse checks your vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and body temperature. The doctor examines your eyes, ears, and throat, and listens to your heart and lungs. Additional areas of the exam include abdomen, joints, muscle strength, reflexes, and the appearance of your skin.

The doctor talks to you about your medical history, family health history, and any health concerns you may have. Additionally, you’ll discuss your lifestyle, exercise habits, diet, and whether or not you smoke or drink alcohol.

Are lab tests part of a routine health exam?

It depends on how often you visit Validus Health and Wellness Center, or how long it’s been since you’ve had any lab tests, but your doctor may recommend some lab work. Routine tests often include a urinalysis, a complete blood count, and a chemistry panel -- which includes a blood sugar level. The doctor may also request a cholesterol profile, if needed.

What can I do to prevent certain health conditions as I age?

Since the focus of a health and wellness exam is prevention, you can ask questions about how to improve or prevent future illnesses or conditions. The experienced team at Validus Health and Wellness Center believe that prevention and healthy behaviors are some of the best ways to prevent illness and help you avoid dependency on medications. Some of the lifestyle changes they recommend may include:

  • Regular health screenings for hereditary illnesses or cancers
  • Regular exercise: low-impact cardio, such as walking, and strengthening exercise
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Quitting smoking

An annual health and wellness exam can be the best way for you to prevent illness from occurring or to catch any conditions early enough to treat them before they become serious. Call for an appointment today, or schedule your next exam online.